Emergency response services for battery energy storage systems

Comprehensive 24/7 response services designed for battery energy storage systems. Our team of experts is available to provide immediate Subject Matter Expertise to help you ensure safe operations around the clock. Minimize downtime, mitigate risks, and optimize performance of your BESS.


  • 24/7 Subject Matter Expertise
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • FDNY Certificate of Fitness Holder
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Fire Department Training
  • Decommissioning


  • Multi-Site Portfolio
  • Dedicated, Secure Repository for All Emergency Information
  • Online Training Videos Available
  • Training Refresher Tracker
  • Portfolio Summary Information

Single Site

  • Dedicated, Secure Repository for All Emergency Information
  • Online Training Videos Available
  • Training Refresher Tracker

Meet our Experts

When you contact BESS 24/7 in an emergency, you will be connected to one of our experienced BESS experts. Below are profiles of some of our experts.

  • Photograph of Anthony Natale

    Anthony Natale

    Director of Risk & Response

    Mr. Natale is an emergency management professional with 25 years of experience managing incidents within the petroleum, utility, and hazmat transportation sectors, and training the fire service on such incidents.


  • Photograph of Brian Fink

    Brian Fink

    Senior Principal Consultant

    Chief Fink is a retired FDNY Battalion Chief, where he served for 38 years. He is an experienced speaker and instructor on topics including fire ground communication, incident command, and fire behavior.

  • Photograph of Thomas Richardson

    Tom Richardson

    Senior Principal Consultant

    Chief Richardson recently retired from FDNY after 41 years of service. He specializes in training the fire service on the hazards and response tactics associated with energy storage emergencies.

  • Photograph of John Donahue

    John Donahue

    Senior Fire Protection Consultant

    Chief Donahue has served 33 years in the fire services and is currently the Commander of the 44th Battalion for FDNY. He develops and delivers battery energy storage system training around the country for the fire services.

  • Photograph of Kennth Scanlon

    Kenneth Scanlon

    Senior Fire Protection Consultant

    Chief Scanlon is a 22-year veteran of the fire service, and is currently Deputy Chief for FDNY, responsible for six battalions with 42 fire companies. His current focus is battery energy storage system risk assessments and response planning.

  • Photograph of Noah Ryder

    Noah Ryder, PhD, PE, MBA

    Chief Operating Officer

    Dr. Ryder is the lead of the Risk, Applied Research, and Forensic Engineering Groups. His recent work focuses on fire protection and life safety for lithium-ion battery energy storage systems.